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We Are The Largest Landscape Material Supplier in Eastern Ontario

In early 2006 Dominic Licari established Landscape Depot with the goal to create a first-class landscape supply and contracting depot. On the former facility of Fine’s Flowers,  Mr. Licari saw great potential and fostered the idea of creating a depot geared to servicing landscape contractors and do-it-yourself landscapers.  If you are looking for something unique, away from the mainstream of Mom & Pop nurseries, sand and gravel pits or grocery store gardening supplies then Landscape Depot is your dream come true.

We specialize in landscaping materials.  We have literally tons of sand, gravel, stones, rocks, topsoil, mulch and last, but not least…..boulders (our claim to fame).  We have, by far, the largest inventory of decorative and functional boulders in the entire Ottawa Valley.

With more than 50 years collective experience in the landscape industry we will be able to assist you with selection of the right materials for your projects. We can also assist you with helping to get your project done in the shortest time for the least cost.


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About the Owner

Hi! I am Domenic Licari – owner of Landscape Depot Ottawa. Ever since I was a child I loved collecting rocks of various sizes and colors. Rocks have always fascinated me. Even today I travel around Canada collecting some of the finest specimens to adorn your backyards, gardens and personal spaces.

- Dominic Licari


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